To what extent does personality predicts employee performance?

Topics: Big Five personality traits, Personality psychology, Trait theory Pages: 6 (2154 words) Published: March 31, 2014
 To what extent does personality predicts employee performance? In the workplace there can be a number of factors that can affect and employee’s work ethic or their performance in their job related task. In recent times though there has been development and some research done on possibly personality having an effect or could possibly predict an employee’s performance in the work place and therefore influence the selection process in recruiting new employees for a job. In this essay we will be analysing and discussing a new model which has been devised in which may explain the different personality traits that differentiate each employee or worker from each other. This model is called the big five or the five factor model, Several recent meta-analyses have revealed consistent relationships between FFM traits and work performance: Barrick & Mount, 1991);Hough, 1992; Mount & Barrick, 1995; Salgado, 1997; Tett et al., 1991 (Personality and Job Performance: Barrick, M, Stewart G 2002). The model contains five divisions, with a few subdivisions which touch on all the different types of human personalities. Within this essay we will examine all the different divisions and analyse whether they can be used to predict the performance of an employee at work or not and then conclude on whether on a whole personality can actually be predicted to give an overview on a employees performance. Conscientiousness is the first of the five personalities found on the FFM (Five Factor Model). It is a personality trait which makes employees feel the need for achievement and always feel that they need to achieve more or better themselves. Another trait is that is that they have self-discipline, this means that these type of employees are more likely to be strict to their word or if the plan or have a schedule of how to do a certain task, they will follow that plan to the end. Conscientiousness relates to a desire to exercise self-control and thereby follow the dictates of one's conscience Costa & McCrae, 1992. Conscientious employees thus seek to fulfil their obligations. In work contexts, these obligations normally centre on task accomplishment (Personality and Job Performance: Barrick, M, Stewart G 2002). In a study conducted by (Barrick et al. 1993) he found that employees in sales or working as sales representatives who scored high with the personality trait of conscientiousness were more likely to set sales goals and be committed to achieving them. This sort of research can show that workers with this personality trait are very reliable in the fact that you can be assured that these workers will always put all their effort in and work to try to achieve the goals they set for themselves in turn helping benefit the business as a whole. This theory was further backed up by the study of Gellatly, 1996 which found conscientiousness to also to link to performance through expectancy and goal choice. Both show the traits of motivated and goal orientated worker or better known as accomplishment striving. These studies all seem to agree that Conscientiousness is an important personality trait for an employee to have if your looking for an employee that can provide you with hard work and will always stick to targets that you may set for the company. Research that was also carried out by Costa, McCrae, & Dye, 1991 showed that conscientiousness can also influence a individuals mindset on self-control, as well as need for achievement, order, and persistence. These sort of traits would be seen and classed as very beneficial to a company who was looking to maximise its profits and grow as a business. On the other hand, although conscientiousness has been viewed with such high esteem in comparisons to the other personality traits. In recent research done, although conscientiousness has been seen to been the most valid out of all the personalities there has been some doubt about how big its impact may be. This doubt has arisen since doubt...
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