Study: Microscope and Ocular Lens

Topics: Microscope, Lens, Cell Pages: 4 (717 words) Published: October 5, 2012
1. What type of microscope would be used in the laboratory to observe very small objects or organisms on a slide? Please give reasoning behind the answer. Which microscope would be useful when studying the internal structure of a minute specimen? (2 points)

An Electron microscope, because they have high levels of magnification and because they can magnify the tiny details of the specimen with great clarity

2. List two jobs where microscopes are used. Describe in what capacity. (2 points)

Biologists and Health Care Professionals use them to study cells and groups of cells which give them more in site on how cell groups are arranged and the form of larger cells

3. Why is special paper used to clean the lenses of a microscope? (1 point)

Because fibers in towels and cloths may contain foreign material which could scratch the lens and marks or lint, could be left on the lens making it appear dirtier than before

4. State the name of each of the tagged parts on the microscope shown above in step 1 of the Procedures: (11 points) a. Ocular Lens
b. Body Tube
c. Arm
d. Objective Lenses
e. Stage
f. Condenser
g. Diaphragm
h. Coarse Focusing Knob
i. Illuminator
j. Base
k. Fine Focusing Knob

5. What type of microscope has primarily been used in this lab? (1 point)

Compound Light Microscope

6. State the function of the following parts of the microscope: (3 points) A. Iris Diaphragm: Regulates the amount of light that hits a specimen B. Ocular lens: Eyepiece used to view a specimen through and “remagnifies” it C. Condenser: Focuses light by directing it in parallel rays to the specimen

7. State how to adjust each of the following components of the microscope (2 points)

A. Diopter: Focus the microscope using the fine adjustment while only viewing the image with the right eye, then use just the left eye and move the serrated diopter ring to...
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