Module Twelve: Text Questions

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Module Twelve: Text Questions

Review Questions

1. What is a comparison microscope? What are the advantages of this microscope?

A comparison microscope is a microscope that has 2 lenses that can magnify up to 1,5oox. An advantage is that it able to magnify items more than regular comon microscopes.

2. What are the three substances that generally make up paint? Describe each part.

Pigments- organic and nonorganic compounds & materials added to paint to produce a color. Binders- Substances that provide support or structure for the pigment. Solvent- Works to disperse & disolve the substances into liquid form.

3. What are polymers?

Made up with many atoms, with the atoms arranged in repeting patterns.

4. What is a scanning electron microscope? What are its advantages?

A Scanning Electron Microscope is a microscope that shoots a beam of electrons at the item and records electrons emissions that occur, then shows the recordings on a computer screen.

5. What is the PDQ? What is it used for?

The PDQ is a database used for keeping track of automobile paint.

Critical Thinking Questions

1. What are some of the challenges for forensic scientists in dealing with fiber evidence?

One of the problems im sure are faced, is that, they have to find the microscopic fibers to include them in evidence.

2. What does it mean if a paint sample "matches" a known sample from a vehicle? Does this indicate the same source? Why or why not?

It means it has the exact same materials that the sample is composed of, but it does not mean that its the same sorce, although it narrows it down.

3. Why are microscopes important to forensic scientists?

Microscopes help magnify the evidence to further examine it.
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