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Telescopes The three main advantages of reflecting telescopes over refracting telescopes are quit obvious. One being that reflector telescopes do not suffer chromatic aberration because all wavelengths will reflect off the mirror in the same way. Second the mirror is along the back side allowing it to be very HUGE. Lastly they are cheaper than refractors of the same size. Today in the telescope world there are four huge telescopes. Right now the Gran Telescopio...

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The Telescope

The Telescope (Reflecting) Introduction: The true beauty of the universe cannot be seen by just the naked eye, the telescope is controversially the most important optical instrument in history. Telescopes are widely used around the world and come in different shapes, sizes and go by a variety of different names. They can be used to detect noise and sound and even be used to study the stars and supernovas but are more commonly used to gain another perspective into space, watching planets such...

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Telescopes in Astronomy

Telescopes in Astronomy Once upon a time, we believed the Earth was at the center of our universe. We were seriously mistaken. We have come to find that at the center of most galaxies is a giant black hole that keeps everything together. With the use of telescopes, we have made it possible to see the “impossible”. We are able to see the geographic landscape of distant planets and moons. Telescopes have made it possible to measure the speed of light, understand gravity, and grasp other laws of physics...

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Optical Telescope

The telescope is an important astronomical tool that gathers and focuses electromagnetic radiation. Telescopes serve to both increase the angular size and the brightness of objects. When we speak about telescopes we are usually referring to optical telescopes, but many other types of telescopes also exist for other spectrum of electromagnetic radiation. It is unclear as to who it was that actually invented the telescope but Galileo Galilei is credited as being the first to use a telescope for...

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Reflecting Telescope

Introduction 1.1 Scope The aim of this book is to describe how a simple reflecting telescope can be made with the materials and facilities available in India. As the primary goal is to popularize telescope making, only the most primitive (but effective) constructions will be considered; the emphasis will be on the practical aspects of telescope making. Some excellent books on this subject are in print (see, for example, the Bibliography). Yet few people have easy access to these books as they...

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Stars and Telescopes

Telescopes are considered to be an instrument that makes distant objects to appear closer, (Northwestern, 2012). These instruments have assisted scientists and astronomers in their studies of the universe. With the use of a telescope the studies have changed and become easier to study. This paper will provide information on how the telescope has changed the views of the universe, designs of telescopes, ground-based telescopes, strengths and weaknesses of the location of the telescope, different frequencies...

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Telescopes in Astronomy

Telescopes in Astronomy SCI/151 Telescopes in Astronomy Telescopes are one of the greatest inventions and have led scientists on a fantastic journey of getting closer to understanding the universe. There is no way to research and evaluate outer space without telescopes gathering all of the information that they do. This paper is going to discuss the science of telescopes and explain all of the elements relative to them. How telescopes changed our view of the universe Without telescopes...

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A Brief History of Telescopes

Brief History of Telescopes 1608 AD – Hans Lippershey, German-born Dutch lens maker, applied for a patent for his refracting telescope (using 2 lenses), he intended them for use in the military. 1609-1610 – Galileo Galilei built his own refractor telescopes to observe the sky, and discovered Saturn’s rings, Jupiter’s moons, and along with many other significant discoveries. 1655 – Christian Huygens, a Dutch physicist and astronomer developed powerful lenses for refractor telescopes with his new methods...

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The telescope is one of the most magnificent inventions made in the renaissance, first made by Hans Lippershey in 1608. Since this invention there have been plenty of astronomy lovers that have been trying to perfection it, for example Galileo Galilee. Since the fist invention of the telescope bye Hans Lippershey there have been many accusations that Lippershey stole the idea from another eye maker, Zacharias Jansen. Jansen is credited of inventing the compound microscope. Galileo...

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an engineer’s transit or theodolite. 2. Background: The telescope of an engineer’s transit, theodolite, plane table alidade, and many levels are furnished with stadia hairs in addition to the regular cross hairs. One stadia hair, the upper cross hair, is above and the other, the lower cross hair, an equal distance below the middle cross hair. The process of taking stadia measurements consists of observing, through the telescope, the apparent locations of the two stadia hairs on the rod, which...

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