Compound Light Microscope

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1. Define
Ocular: (eyepiece)
Objective: provides magnification of 4, 10, 40, and 100 power Low power: 4X 10X
High-and-dry: 40X
Oil immersion objective: 100X
Fine adjustment: is essential for final, sharp focusing
Coarse adjustment: is used initially for rough focusing
Parfocal: as you cane from one objective to another you will find that your microscope is very close to a final focus Sub stage condenser: light focusing lens
Iris diaphragm: used to regulate the intensity of light entering the lens system of the microscope Mechanical stage: allows total movement of the slide by turning bot knobs beneath the left side of the stage, one for to-and-fro, one for the left and right positioning Resolution (resolving power): is the ability to distinguish two points as separate when they are close together Wavelength: the distance between similar points along a wave Compound light microscope: is an optical instrument comprised of more than one lens and uses light to illuminate the object under study Electron microscope: can provide magnifications in the vicinity of 1 to 2 million power Cell: is a fundamental anatomic until in which all life is contained

2. List and describe the features of four different types of compound light microscopes.

Bright field Microscope: Field is bright wit lit and the object under study is usually darkened by staining Dark field Microscope: field is dark and the object under study is lit and sometimes alive Phase Contrast Microscope: contrasting lit intensities are provided by the optical system, even if the object is unstained Fluorescent Microscope: uses ultraviolet lit for illumination, as special applications, e.g., fluorescent antibody slides

3. State the upper limit of effective magnification of most compound light microscopes. The upper limit of magnification of many compound light microscopes is approximately 2000 power, that is, the microscope will magnify the image of an object 2000 times...
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