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Topics: Reading, Nigeria, Educational psychology Pages: 4 (881 words) Published: August 11, 2014
Reading is a way of making meaning from printed or
written materials which requires the reader to be an
active participant. Several scholars have looked at
reading at different levels. These include Unoh ( 1980 ),
Lawal (1989), Emenyonu (1982), Olaofe (1988),
Omojuwa (1991), among others. Reading according to
Fatimayin and Lawal (2010), connotes the ability to read
well not only English language and literature texts, but
also newspapers, magazines, journals, periodicals, etc.
Reading is a key to a wealth of experience that links
people in a way unlimited by distance or time. It provides
experience through which the individual may expand his
horizons, identify and develop his interests while gaining
a deeper insight of himself, his fellow human beings and
the world generally.
Potter (2011) opines that reading fires children’s
imagination and encourages quick learning as well as
widens views, expand horizons, and helps readers learn
about climes. He further argues that it encourages
imagination, curiosity and the ability to handle complex
ideas. Reading plays a vital role in any worthwhile effort
to learn English. It is a tool for learning other subjects and a yardstick for measuring academic progress. It is also
through reading that educational objectives can be
accomplished. Above all, reading is related to other
language skills. Bright and McGregor (1971:3) describe it
as the “core of the English language syllabus” by
explaining that the acquisition of the large vocabulary
needed for clear and accurate oral and written expression
depends to a large extent on reading. It is a gateway to
academic success. That is the reason its importance
cannot be overstated. However, in spite of this acclaimed
importance of reading, many Nigerian students according
to Abe (1991) have reading problems. As if to compound
this, Nigerian schools do not have a time specifically set
aside to teach...
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