Study Habits

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General Objectives:
The students will gain in depth knowledge about various methods of effective learning and practice it during their study time. Specific Objectives: At the end of the seminar the students will be able to, 1) Define learning and study habits

2) Explain the concept of Study skills
3) Describe the Process of study
4) Enlist the Types of learning
5) Develop Effective Study Habits
6) Elaborate methods & tips to Improve Memory
7) Interpret the Survey Report
8) Understand the research study

1) Introduction
2) Specific and General Objectives
3) Definition of learning
4) Meaning of study habits
5) Concept of Study skills
6) Process of study
7) Types of learning
* Classical Conditioning
* Operant Conditioning
* Cognitive Learning
* Social Learning
8) Development of Effective Study Habits
9) Methods &imp; tips to Improve Memory
10) Survey Report
11) Research study
12) Conclusion
13) Bibliography

Development Of Effective Study Habit
Learning is central to all our behaviour.Each learner is unique individual with different abilities, interests, ways of thinking and responding thus these characterstics have a significant influence on ones learning style. It is being realized that students use different learning strategies.They have different methods of reading, interpreting and coding the information.Sometimes these strategies are useful, but some students develop pathological learning strategies. To study effectively the students should be aware of learning process.

Definition: Learning is not just memorizing a lot of unrelated informations. It means understanding concepts and principles, the relationship between ideas and the ability to analyse a situation to synthesize various bits of informations or evaluate an event and arrive at judgement A famous Sanskrit shlorka states “A quarter of our learning comes from our teachers, own intellect and talent provides a quarter. A quarter from the peers and friends and remaining comes only with time”.

Meaning of effective study habits /operational definition.
Effective: producing an intended result.
Study: Time and efforts spent in reading etc. to gain knowledge. Habits: something that a person does often.
What are study skills:
An efficient learner must learn how to store new information and retrieve it in moments of need especially when doing assignments or taking an examination.

Process of study:
The process of study involves four operations:
PERCEPTION: A good student should be able to first perceive what is relevant to his or her needs and select only those areas which are important. You can not study everything available in every book you can lay your hands on. Once decided on areas which are important, you have to read and understand or comprehend the marterial that you have selected.

COMPREHENSION: No learning can take place without comprehensions. Comprehension is thus imperative in the process of learning. However mere comprehension is not enough. RETENSION AND RETRIEVAL: The students understand now, may also forget easily later. Hence Students have to make special efforts to retain what they have comprehended.

TYPES OF LEARNING: Certain condition must be there for learning to take place. There are a number of theoretical explanations about the process of learning. These are classical conditioning & operant conditioning which emphasize stimulus-response (S-R) relationships and explain learning as an associative process . Other psychologist argues that all types of learning cannot be explained by simple forms of S-R relationships .cognitive theories give importance to perception and understanding. However, we are social beings and we learn a number of tasks in social context so another group of theorist give social...

References: -B.sankaranarayan, B.sindhu,learning & teaching in nursing,2nd edition.
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