Learning and Personality Styles

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Learning and Personality Styles

All over the world there are many different learning styles and personality types. Everyone has their own way of learning and their own personality. A persons learning style is how they learn best and there personality type is how they act in everyday living. In this paper I will explain which learning style I have and why. I will also explain my personality type and how it affects me in everyday life. I didn’t know about either one of these until my first day of college and now I am very interested and ready to discuss my learning style and my personality type.

There are three different learning styles and they are Visual, Auditory and Kinesthetic. People who are visual learners tend to learn better by seeing and reading and not hearing so they would rather you show them directions rather than tell them directions. Auditory learners learn best by hearing everything and they are normally very good at listening to instructions. Kinesthetic learners seem to learn better by doing hands-on activities such as drawing. There are four different personality types and they are analyzers, supporters, creators and directors. Analyzers are usually honest and understanding people. Supporters tend to be very supportive people and they can relate well to others. Directors are dependable people and they usually want to be the leader in groups. (Hemmer, 2007)

In my first day of college I discovered that I was a visual learner. As a visual learner I prefer to see things rather than to hear. I learn more effectively with visual. If someone tells me directions, I will need to write them down because I will not remember. I like to summarize all my information on paper such as when i am writing a paper I like to briefly write...

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