Student registration system

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1. Introduction
1.1 Problem Background
The number of students in City University College of Science and Technology are increasing. When it comes to the subject registration day, the college is crowded with students because they are required to fill up the subject registration form before school session start. Some of the students need to be present in college as early as possible to avoid a long queue because of each students register take almost 10 minutes to settle the registration. Some of the students prefer to register during schooling session and makes the lecturer halt the lecture until all of the students are registering for the subject.

1.2 Problem Statement
Student of this college having problem with subject registration wherebythey need to do it manually. 1. The student need to fill in documents such as add/drop subject, retrieve their account statement, for returning students and the new student have to collect the registration form, fill it in and find the coordinators to pass up their form. Also, students have to walk back and forth between few departments to collect their document to complete their registration such as bursary department to collect their account statement, exam unit department to collect their exam results, and coordinators room to meet and submit their documents. 2. Students have to scramble up to take a look at their time table because the timetable is only available on a board. 3. The forms are redundant when city staff lose and cannot find and the students have to recreate another copy of the forms. This is because of the poor file management due to hundreds of student’s files are placed in an unorganized manner. 1.3 Objective

To create a multipurpose student portal. The facilities provided for students are:- A. Registration through online which enable the students to register for new semester including adding and dropping subject together with timetable of the chosen course with and instantly printable page. B. Student can view their financial details and account statement through the portal. C. Updated class schedule, Exam schedule, changes in class venue and timings can also be viewed in the portal. D. Finally, students may book hostel and transport through the portal

1.4 Project Scope
We create a multipurpose student portal is to decrease the student burden by providing facilities in doing their registrations and viewing their documents. Other than that, student portal also provide students to viewing their outstanding payment by checking the account statement. Checking hostel rent also include in account statement. Last but not least, students also can check their result through this portal. Major viewing such as academic calendar, class timetable and exam schedule also include. Not just subject registration student portal also provide hostel registration for students whose want to live in hostel.

1.5 Project Constraints
1.5.1 Scope
There are might be slight management problem if the student portal is allowed for student for registration for example student did error in registration. 1.5.2 Time
We have only less than 4 months to create a student portal. But because of insufficient of time, we only can create a prototype student portal (non tested). 1.5.3 Cost
For the purpose of creating this student portal, we are going to need hardware and software in order to create the entire system. 1.5.4 Limitation
Students cannot do their payment through student’s portal. 1.5.5 Manpower
In order to create this system, we need all of our team members to be presented. Unfortunately, our team members sometimes are having some problems in their life.

1.6 Project Stakeholder
1.6.1 Students: Using the portal to register their subject; check account statement; download class time table; print exam docket.

1.6.2 Coordinators: upload student information like exam docket and...
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