Subject Appraisal and Evaluation System

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Present Narrative System

A. Overview
The faculties of a certain Colleges perform requisites and pre-requisites evaluation. For example as practiced, a College department assigned at least four faculties for a certain task. Such as evaluation, appraisal, issuance of grades and on other matters.

The faculty members of that department primarily perform requisites and pre-requisites subject evaluation. While on the evaluation of grades such as on determination of failed, passed, incomplete and dropped subjects is a task of the instructor. The assigned faculty then however is a task to make the grade slip.

As practiced the student will submit the filled-up registration form (includes the subject and units) and the present grade slip. The system receive the registration form and the grade slip then pulls-out the students folder (previous registration form, prospectus and others) and identifies which subjects have already taken and passed. The system will then evaluate the student’s status, and suggest subject’s, which has no pre-requisites.

The system also records the current grade of the students. Inevitably, students will tend to tamper their current grades (especially failed grades). This result to the enrollment of the subject(s) with pre-requisites, Moreover, students who have failed grades or irregular students are not concerned whether the enrolled subjects has pre-requisite or not. The system also requires the controlling and checking of subject loads. The system considers whether the students filled-up the registration form consistently. On regular students, normally the system encounter a lesser problem on requisite and pre-requisite subjects conflict. Regular student will only copy the required subjects, unlike with the irregular student the system must consider the present procedure, which is identifying and checking the requisites and pre-requisites subjects.
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