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GK Sibol School Enrolment and Grading System

1.1 Overview
GK Sibol School was founded for the beneficiaries of Gawad Kalinga owners. Unlike other preparatory schools, GK Sibol grade their pupils according to their capacity to do certain things like reading, walking, counting from 1 to 10 and etc. Their enrolees categorize whether beneficiary or non-beneficiary of Gawad Kalinga.

1.2 Statement of the Problem
In the rapid growth of their pupil’s population, using fill up forms and paper based enrolment was stressful; lots of papers containing their pupil’s information are being stored every year. That’s why we come up of this idea to introduce them the thought of having this Enrolment System.

1.3 Significance of the Study
In line with our requirement in our Computer System Analysis subject and the observed condition on the enrolment operation of the said school, we made use of their uprising advancement needs and the requirement we need to fulfill.


GK Sibol School Enrolment and Grading System

1.4 Objectives of the Project
1.4.1 General Objectives
In order to provide a much categorized pupil information and paperless enrolment.
1.4.2 Specific Objective
 To compile student records without hassle
 To provide computerized enrolment
 To minimize the time in gathering files and data
 To monitor children’s individual progress through generated printable reports
1.5 Scope and Limitation
1.5.1 Scope
The scopes of this study are the enrolment process of the school, generating reports on grades and dropouts.
1.5.2 Limitation
This study does not concern transaction that is not related with enrolment and grading of pupil.


GK Sibol School Enrolment and Grading System


2.1 Project Planning Method
In search for our ‘prospective client’ and for the convenience of GK Sibol School, we decided to do an enrolment and grading system for the said school. Since there is no existing system yet, we decided to pioneer an enrolment and grading system for GK Sibol School.

2.2 Analysis Method
Before we conduct our interview on the said school, we give into account how reliable are we to the institution we are going to choose. So we can manipulate the system flow effectively.

2.3 Design Method
We created a Graphical User Interface based on the level of understanding of the possible users. We also used standard button symbols for a user friendly application.


GK Sibol School Enrolment and Grading System

2.4 Coding Method
For an easier error troubleshooting, we made our codes uniformly made. Buttons, textboxes and other tools of the system that perform the same functions have similar codes.

2.5 Testing Method
To test our system, we had to pilot-test it for us to find out the possible errors and flaws in the system that we have made. We did it for us to assess if what we made is user-friendly or if it still needs improvement and make it simpler and easier for the public to use.


GK Sibol School Enrolment and Grading System

System Analysis Phase

3.1 Data Gathering Procedures
For the information we needed to start this project, we ask some questions from the teachers of the school regarding on their enrolment and grading system. We also ask for a sample of their enrolment fill up form and their report card for our reference.

3.2 Functional Requirements

Enrolls/Delete/Edit a pupil data in the System.

Compute tuition fees according to categorized beneficiary pupils.

Search a Pupils records by name.

Evaluate Pupils Grades per Grading Period (two (2) grading periods )

Generate a Report regarding to enrolment.

Generate a Report regarding to dropouts.

Generate an Assessment Report to pupil’s parent with regards to the pupil’s grade.


GK Sibol School Enrolment and Grading System

3.3 Event Table


GK Sibol School Enrolment and Grading System

3.4 Activity Diagram


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