Enrollment System

Topics: User, Login, Object-oriented programming Pages: 2 (473 words) Published: May 6, 2013
This chapter presents the advantage of the study, the objective, the problem statement and the implication. The purpose of this study is to unfold and understand about the reason for automation and technology. This chapter presents the method of research, the subject gathering information of this chapter. Thus, this chapter writes about the problem of this system that belongs to this content. Files are produce by creating a file structure. After you can add data to be fill by filling in the fields. Each set of field is called record. Furthermore, relevant objectives are given in the content of the finding of the study.

2.1 Project objectives
We are specifically aimed to introduce to the said school the beauty and functionality on using electronic devices such as computers on helping them to compile and manage records on enrollment season, and to propose the computerized system on handling students records to avoid mishandling, redundancy, and to prevent records on getting old and damaged by natural calamities like rains, storms and heat. 1. To speed up enrollment process.

2. To have an easy retrieval of records.
3. To ease the problem in managing records on enrolling old and new students.

2.2Project Conception

The system aims to improve the flow of enrollment period it includes the registrar office which acts as the users in all responsible for handling student’s records. Before the users can access this system, they should have to log-in their respected user accounts. After logging in, they are now ready to accept transactions. At first, students will go to the registrar to get pre enrollment form, fill-up the information details. Students need to presents all the requirements including grantee note showing that they are Scholars or Non-Scholars from their respective Scholarship. In this procedure, the Registration Office will have an interface in which the user will open the file...
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