Enrollment System

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Chapter 1

The Problem and the Background of the Study


In schools nowadays the enrolment period is always the toughest time that an institute or academy may face through out the year, regardless of the process of their enrolment. mainly for those schools that thrive only on a manual process of enrolment, proceeds may take time and add to that if the institute is well known though still relying in manual processes queues may form along the way, due to some of these circumstances it seems to be hard to handle such collection of records namely storing, finding, sorting, updating and securing each of those records, particularly if stored only in one room and in a limited space, perhaps on a public school.

Although it seems simple enough to manage the task at hand it may be easier said than done if experienced beforehand, its like being a librarian in a huge public library, assuming there are no assistants yet, it is but the librarians job to secure, sort, find and update his/her records be it the clients or the records of the books being ordered and taken out. Imagine having those many records on top of each other in one place though organized it is hard to keep track of such records without forgetting who ordered which book without an automated system, given the right scenario what if the institute itself had an accident like a fire outbreak or a flood those hard copy documents may be damaged or worst destroyed. Such records are kept for reference and other purposes.

Informatics International College, a computer school which offers computer courses, uses an automated enrolment system that stores the student’s information, subjects and payments. Though parallel it may seem the process is quite smooth where as the students would fill in forms with required information’s and subject’s to be enrolled and proceed to the advisement section where they would be advised for which subjects they may take or know if the subjects are available, after that they would proceed to the cashier and pay for the total amount due of their matriculation and the sum of their fees, and issue to them the students their receipts and registration form.

Christian Light Academy a pre-elementary school that was under the influence of Baptism Theological College started late 1993 in a Subdivision called Tenement in Taguig City, was then known as Little Lights, until this late 1997 they opened their school to accept partial elementary students, grades 1-5. In the next year 1998 the school was renamed as Christian Light Academy where as they became a stand alone school, after two years, year 2000, after becoming a stand alone school they offered to accept grade 6 students up to the present day.

while the school was gaining popularity in spite that their enrolment system was done manually and payments were calculated manually there were instances that the payments were a-bit inaccurate and they found out that there were times that they would make duplicate of files and make over issuance of billing statements to their students leading to parental complaints.

The process of their enrolment system was fast the process was the parents would fill out a form along with the schools terms and agreements, submit it to the registrar and make payment according to their agreed method of payment, yet in the long run the files were stacked with each other although it was filed and complete, they are still human and forget older records. after a few years, year 2007 came the day that the owners friend suggested an idea to get an automated system, yet the owner would have got one but the school lacked the necessary budget to buy one, although the schools reputation money in their area was hard to get by, so they insisted on continuing with their outdated system.

Then year 2010 came where an answer to their prayers knocked at their door, a concerned citizen in their vicinity named Mimi Campos a parent of one of the schools students...
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