Computerized Thesis Enrollment System

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Chapter I
Project Context
The evolution in technology caused by the needs especially in business demonstrates that Information System and Information Technology is essential ingredient for success of today’s enterprises. But still, some organizations and offices used the traditional or manual system in managing their information. The Don Bosco High School office, particularly the enrollment committee face tons of work in their daily activities most especially after enrollment because of failure to seek ways and means on how to simplify their task. The tasks are time consuming and sometimes end up with inaccurate reports. Thus, in this paper, the system developers aim to propose a computerized enrollment system specifically of use to the Don Bosco High School Enrollment Committee. According to the website, a computerized enrollment system is a multi-function processing operation that automatically manages and stores enrollment information. Computerization of enrollment information interrelates different yet interdependent transactions in a systematized and functional way. The use of computerized enrollment systems by organizations to help coordinate people and information is increasing throughout the world. Many experts cite numerous reasons why computerized enrollment systems are viable choices for schools, training programs and workplace operations. Computerized enrollment systems for educational services reduce processing time and human errors. Systems operations proceed faster, more efficiently and with greater accuracy than manual enrollment systems. Systems typically include data protection and backup frameworks. Student enrollees have access to their personal information exclusively. Employee workload is decreased and administrators can spend more time giving students more personalized attention and encouragement. Upon enrollment, new and transferee students will present their credentials to the enrollment committee. The credentials include form 138 (report card), certificate of good moral character, clear photocopy of NSO birth certificate, clear photocopy of baptismal certificate if baptized catholic and equivalent document for non-Catholics. On the other hand, the old students are required to submit their form 138 and summer grade if applicable for appraisal to the enrollment committee. After completing all the requirements, the enrollment committee will issue an enrollment form for the student to fill up. The enrollment form will be returned to the enrollment committee for verification. If in case there are some fields that were not filled up, the enrollment form will be returned to the student to have it completed. The duly filled up enrollment form will be submitted to window 2 or the assessment window section for verification and validation. The students will need to wait for their names to be announced over the sound system. When student’s name is announced, the student will proceed to window 3 or the billing section window and pay necessary bills. After paying, they will proceed to the library and present their receipt for book rental for them to get their books. Then they will proceed to the Science Lab for the I.D. Finally, they will present again their receipt to the personnel in-charge. In the existing enrollment system of Don Bosco High School, the enrollment committee will sort all the enrollment form according to year level and section. The secretary will input the student details on the computer using Microsoft Excel. After entering all records, the forms will be filed on a folder and will be kept on a filing cabinet by the class adviser. The details about the students entered in the computer will be the basis of the secretary in preparing reports such as enrollment statistics, number of transferees, repeaters, balik-aral and reports on religious denominations. All these data are sorted out according to year level and gender. Another report to...
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