Lan Based Computerized Enrollment System

Topics: High school, Control theory, Systems theory Pages: 17 (4890 words) Published: October 18, 2012
St. Anthony College Calapan City
Local Area Network Based Computerized Enrolment System for High School Students in Good Shepherd Academy

A Research Proposal Presented to the Faculty of
St. Anthony College Calapan City
Camilmil, Calapan City

In Partial Fulfilment
Of the Requirements for the Degree
Bachelor of Science in Information Technology

Submitted to:
Mr. Cirile Dominic A. Horlador

Submitted by:
Hernandez, Mary Ann Y.
Ilagan, Methus Klen C.
Pangilinan, Sir Leandro C.

Throughout history, as machine invented by extraordinary people, they attempted to make their jobs easier. This desires to simplify lives and perform more effectively, creates a new technology for improving lives within our society. Because needs exist, man developed and applied new technology to fill those needs. Technology is one of the tools to solve those problems. Man keeps on developing new technology. These new technology leads changes in the way jobs are being performed, but the changes present new problems which can be solved by much improving technological advancement and so computers are developed to deal with information needs and care. That is why Information Technology (IT) is so important in today’s world especially those involved in this field are full of determination in seeking new ideas in order for them to help our society. Enrolment involves the process of entering and verifying data of students enrolled in a particular school. It is a good idea to computerize an enrolment system of a school that have a big population of students since control system manages processes. The common function of an Enrolment System is to store the data of the enrolee and to retrieve and update student’s information. Good Shepherd Academy is a promising Private institution in Primary and Secondary Education which emerged because of high standards giving the high learning needs of the youth in Oriental Mindoro. It is located at Poblacion II, Victoria Oriental Mindoro. It offers high school education from first year to fourth year. Good Shepherd Academy is a parochial school whose heart beats for the evangelization and social transformation. Enrolment System in Good Shepherd Academy is a system in which the person in accounting and registrar use a manual way of registration. They always encounter lost of records, too much paper works, slow processing of registration forms, and errors. Enrolment system stores details of students, courses, year, and section. In Good Shepherd Academy, the principal has the authority over all aspects of the matters regarding the school involvement. There are heads assigned in every subject in the school. The process of enrolment is very slow because of the queue and manual process. It may also be use as local assessment of the student fees.

This research study expected to make a LAN-Based Computerized Enrolment System for High School Students in Good Shepherd Academy instead of their current enrolment system which is manual. It aims to provide an easy way of enrolment registration for the given respondent. Its aim is to enhance not only the way of registration in the said respondent but also to enhance the skills and knowledge of the users about the system. This study will help the Faculty and Staffs of the Good Shepherd Academy make enrolment easy by the help of the enrolment database system.

This research study aims to develop a Local Area Network Based Computerized Enrolment System based on the needs of Good Shepherd Academy.
* To gather information about the current enrolment process of Good Shepherd Academy * To find out the present enrolment problem of the school. * To design a Local Area Network (LAN) Based Computerized Enrolment System based on the needs of the school.

This research study assumes significance in the sense that it is expected to take...
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