student progress report 1

Topics: Language proficiency, Educational psychology, English-language films Pages: 2 (241 words) Published: December 7, 2014

Name __Dr. Hanan Tawil_________________ Date __11/18/2014______________ Class __Freshman I_________

1. Since the last assessment, this students’ attention in the classroom has been more focused to avoid common mistakes they have done in their assessment.

The students’ homework is being taken seriously; all assignments are graded and then corrected in class.

2. The students continue to have trouble working with the following type(s) of design solution that were on the last assessment.

Students have weaknesses in writing in general. Due to this, I am planning on focusing more on the writing part over the second half of this semester.

3. When working in cooperative teams, the students’ attitudes are more positive and they show more motivation to work.

4. This student’s classroom participation has (increased/decreased) recently Students’ classroom participation has been satisfactory overall. However, there are always those students who are reluctant to participate either because they are shy, or because they lack the language proficiency.

5. The students’ (long-term projects/portfolio/journal) reflect the following.

The writing assignments of the students reflect the need for more efforts in this area.

6. This students need more help at home in the following areas:

Practice reading aloud, so they can become familiar with the language and this will help increase their fluency. The second area that the students need is vocabulary, so they express themselves correctly.

AW Students according to the following campuses:
1. Badaro campus:
Mohamad Mahfouz

2. IHA Campus:
Kassesm Karnib

Instructor’s Name Hanan Tawil Signature ________________
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