Case Study for Hearing Impaired Child

Topics: Hearing impairment, Audiogram, Hearing Pages: 4 (1265 words) Published: March 5, 2013
Real Case Study on a hearing impaired student at a school

Background of Student

The student has a bilateral hearing impairment. He wears 2 hearing aids and uses a radio system in school. All staff are aware of the student’s difficulties and use the radio and microphone system appropriately. An STA meets with the student each day to check his hearing aids and ensure there are no problems. At present the student is also undergoing the process of assessment to determine if he has an autistic spectrum condition. The student is struggling to cope emotionally and finds it difficult to verbalise how he feels. He has low self esteem and there have recently been incidents of self harming. The student has seen the Educational Psychologist following a parental request for statutory assessment which school will fully support.

How I can support this student

Solutions -
• Ask the deaf student to choose the best seating for communication. This means a seat near the teacher so that the student can see the teacher’s lips and hear the teacher a lot clearer. Sometimes it is effective, especially in small groups, to use a round table or semicircular seating arrangement which enables this student to see everyone's face. • Avoid unnecessary pacing and around the room or talking from afar. It is difficult to speech read a person in motion and impossible to speech read one whose back is turned. I would sit in front or directly beside the student, and do not look down while speaking. Maintaining eye contact with this student is very important. • Use visual aids. For this student visual aids are an ideal way of delivering a piece of work. Drawing or using books relevant to the type of subject or topic is a possible solution. I would give the student time to read/analyze before speaking. • Make sure the student doesn't miss vital information. It’s important to write out any changes in the classes, special assignments, and additional instructions so that no...
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