Topics: Second language, Foreign language, Learning Pages: 1 (390 words) Published: May 30, 2014
Learning a second language is a must in today 's world .
There are average 320 spoken language are existing in the World. The most spoken language is Chinese with 1.3 million speakers, then English following with 427 thousand speakers ,then Spanish following with 266 thousand speakers to that queue. If you are living these countries, Learning a second language is not compulsory. By the way I except that simple English which is used on the Internet. Otherwise you have to learn second language , especially English. As far as I am concerned I am going to tell you, Why and how is it necessary ? In the first place, the second language necessity for business life. In our century, Many countries multi-cultural that means Many companies are looking for language skills ,when they hiring an employee. Also ıf you want to study in foreign countries you need second language. Moreover I Suppose that you are studying X country , and you want to promote yourself and you decided to go abroad to master. I will tell you what do they require for doing master.First of all they exactly they want fluent english. Anyway if you know english in your business life you can find opportunity to work in an international and foreign-funded enterprises. On the other hand, You can find opportunity to travel other countries easily. The while also you can find opportunity to see the differences between cultures. In addition to this you can learn foreign language literacy. Also you can watch and listen films and musics with the original shape. Moreover, You can improve yourself to express yourself in a better way. People argue that second language is not necessary, They tought learning a secong language is silly except simple English. In a team of people believe that using second language at business life is not necessary because they tought’’ what translators do at that time’’. In some people, the original way by watching movies make feel the same things that you can not always...
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