Why Learning English is Important

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Learning English
A lot of international students come to America to learn English. Learning English is important because it is the most common language in the world. Almost 60% people in the world use English regularly. Learning English is very important because it improves one’s chance of getting a good job, helps one communicate in foreign countries, and broadens one’s social networking. First, learning English improves the chance of getting a good job. Companies which deal with international clients and suppliers rely on English-speaking employees to interpret for them with the day-to-day operations. The requirements for the position consists the ability to speak English. Therefore, learning English improves one’s chance of getting this position. Secondly, people who understand English can travel much more countries by themselves than people who do not speak English. A lot of countries are using English as their main sub-language, and there are multiple simple English phrases spread around the world. Even if one enters countries whose main languages do not include English, one would probably see signs such as “OK”, “Yes”, and “No.” Understanding English helps tremendously when traveling because one can communicate and understand better. Finally, learning English broadens one’s social networking. For example, people who speak English have a better chance at being accepted into training programs or colleges in English-speaking countries. They can make friends easier if they know English. They can also make friends all around the world just by using instant messengers online. Knowing English broadens one’s social networking because they can communicate with people around the world. In conclusion, learning English is necessary today. English is the most common language in the world. Knowing English improves one’s chance at getting a good job. One has a better chance at getting the job than the one who doesn’t. Moreover, Knowing English helps one communicate

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