Topics: Stress, Chronic stress, Coping skill Pages: 4 (2171 words) Published: November 3, 2014

GROUP PROJECT: Go Yuan Fon 12080636
Clement Wong Khai Wern 13022439
Tan Teck Meng 13007273 SECTION A: PROBLEM ADOPTED BY THE PROJECT (100 Words/5 Marks) What? : What is the nature of this problem?
Stress  is  always  a complex  issue  but  will  be  even more  complex if it is  left  unattended (Wan Hussin, 2007). According to Redhwan, et al (2009), stress is defined as a condition of mental is under pressure which caused by individual and social problems as well as inner and outer self-factors. Besides, according to A.D.A.M. Health Solutions (2012), there are two types of stress which are physical stress and emotional stress. So What? : What are the urgent issues arising from this problem? David, Sam Jayakumar and Sulthan (2013) stated that stress will lead stress symptoms which means changing of reactions due to stress, and it consists of four types which are physical symptoms, emotional symptoms, behavioural symptoms and cognitive symptoms. According to Engs (1987), stress would lead health problems which autonomic nervous system and hormones are affected when stress occurs. These problems eventually lead difficulties and inconvenient to human daily life as well as serious illness to people (Engs, 1987). Now what? : What can we do to lessen the consequences of this problem and make things better here? There are certain methods to manage stress. According to Tartakovsky (2011), stress could be handle using the 5Rs stress management model. Furthermore, stress can also be manage using the 4A’s stress management model (Smith , Segal, Segal 2014). Moreover, Lazarus and Folkman (1984) suggest that focused coping could help to handle stress. Besides, According to Segal (2014), one of the effective ways to manage stress is 5-steps emotional management. SECTION B: THE PROJECT AIM – ACTIVITY - OUTCOME (1150 Words/20 Marks) Activity Aim:

Stress is a main problem of every individual are facing. If...
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