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People use the word stress when they feel overwhelmed or things become too much to handle on their own. We become overloaded and wonder whether we really can cope with the pressures placed upon us. Stress can either give you the motivation to get you going, or it can bring you down to the very bottom. In my opinion, it brings us down rather than motivating us. People think they have no other choice when they are stressed but to give up. There are many ways to cope with stress including self-help, self-management, and medication. Make sure you set aside some time each day just for yourself. Use that time to organize your life, relax, and pursue your own interests. Talk to your family, friends, colleagues and your boss if it helps. Express your thoughts and worries to people who will listen. Stress can affect the way you function; go and see your doctor. Prolonged periods of stress can be bad for your physical and mental health in the long run. Once you have learned how to help yourself, you will have to learn how to manage it. Stress management techniques can be gained by reading books that pertain to stress relief. You can also seek the help of a counselor or psychotherapist for personal development or therapy sessions. Therapy may or may have a beneficial effect. Stress management can help you to either remove or change the source of stress, alter the way you view a stressful event, lower the impact that stress might have on your body, and teach you alternative ways of coping with it. As a last effort doctors can prescribe medications for coping with stress, unless the patient has an underlying illness, such as depression or some type of anxiety. If that is the case, the doctor is actually treating a mental illness. In such cases, an antidepressant may be prescribed. There is always a risk that all the medication will do is mask the stress, rather than help you deal and cope with it.
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