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Strategic Management Essay: Case Study Carrefour
Strategic Analytical and Evaluation Tools including Cultural Web, Generic Strategies and Stakeholder Mapping Submitted By:

Strategic Management Essay
Case Study Carrefour
Carrefour is one of leading stores in world with a standing of second world’s largest supermarket retailer in the world and acquiring 70.5 billion US $, Euro market share after Wal-Mart with around US $256.3 billion market share. It is setup on two main principles first, to sell products and services to the existing customers in the existing stores with products and services and introducing their latest and current products to their customers worldwide. A carrefour super store was founded in 1959 and they opened their first Carrefour supermarket in Annecy in 1960. In 1963, Carrefour created a new shop with the concept of hypermarket. In 1973, Carrefour opened their first hypermarket in Spain, 1975 in Italy, 1976, they introduced their own labeled production under no label with high quality products at lower costs and then in 1982 they first setup hypermarket in Argentina. Carrefour seen great growth in last two decades and opened their hypermarkets in Turkey in 1990, Carrefour hypermarket in Greece in 1991, Carrefour hypermarket in Mexico and Malaysia in 1994 and in 1995 they entered in the Chinese market and opened their hypermarket. In 1996, Carrefour hypermarket was opened in Thailand, Hong Kong and Korea and then they expanded to Singapore and Poland in 1997. In 2005, Carrefour purchased 12 new hypermarkets in Poland and in 2007, they made their presence in Brazil and Spain and in 2012, Carrefour opened their first hypermarket in Caucasus, Tbilisi. Carrefour has been worldwide known as the pioneering retailer since it started its operations in Belgium in 1969. Within three decades, Carrefour has achieved tremendous growth due to the effective strategic marketing strategies in different countries. Carrefour is the leading brand in European countries such as Belgium, Spain, Italy and Greece and has become number one brand name in Taiwan and holder a leading position in Brazil. Carrefour withdrew from the United States market in 1993, Hong Kong in 2000, Hungary in 2003, Japan in 2004 and Poland in 2005. Carrefour is still working wonderfully well in other countries expect the countries presented above (Pei Chao, 2012, p. 4). Carrefour have developed very innovative and latest hypermarket concept to meet the needs of its customer throughout the world. Carrefour Belgium opened their first ever Carrefour branded store in Mons after going through the conceptual phase of the Waterloo Mont-Saint-Jean. After going through many tests in Spain and Belgium to make sure everything will go in the right direction, Carrefour setup their branded store in Belgium. They were committed to make their customers happy and satisfied with entirely different opportunities of buying. In order to increase the comfort of customers and company staff, retailers should concentrate to make a balance in their energy costs with the affordability of attractive sales space. Retail brands should be versatile in their strategic marketing operations to be able to create whatever possible to facilitate the expanding needs of their customers. Carrefour made a selection to use the Philips products firstly it was due to the group choice as the Philips given them all the guarantees they were looking for. Secondly, the products offered met the requirements of their customers by making sure the value for money and setting up highly effective services. In the initial phase of this project, StyliD LED solutions were used which was truly the versatile solution and was surely capable to meet accent lighting need to make sure the quality of lights and maintaining energy performance. StyliD spotlights were the perfect solution of offering unique, highly innovative and attractive new Philips Optibin technology...

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