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  • Comparing Hypermarket and Minimarket

    you go. In Malaysia‚ we have minimarkets like 99 Speedmart and Hypermarket like Jusco. Therefore‚ let us discover the differences between mini market and hypermarket. First of all‚ minimarket and hypermarket differ in terms of variety of products. In a minimarket‚ although they sell all the things you need‚ but you have lesser choice of brands as compared to hypermarket. For instance‚ when you are looking for shampoo in a hypermarket‚ you would have a wide range of choices such as Sunsilk‚ Pantene

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  • Hypermarket Impact on Small Retailer

    from wholesale markets or hypermarkets which can offer the same items cheaper and conveniently under one roof. Local and foreign-bred hypermarkets such as Giants‚ Tesco and Carrefour have been invading our towns‚ big and small‚ leaving the traditional sundry shops fighting for their business. Many of these small-scale individually-owned shops have since closed their operations permanently or moved them a little further outskirt of town‚ away from the hypermarket catchment. Just how serious

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  • Carrefour Is One of the Largest Hypermarket Chains

    Carrefour is one of the largest hypermarket chains that exist around the globe. It originated in France‚ Marcel Fournier‚ Denis Defforey and Jacques Defforey was the creators of Carrefour. Carrefour is the pioneer retailer in Europe and the second one around the world. This hypermarket has been expanding around Europe. It also spread elsewhere through its partners and franchisees‚ such as the stores that exist in Egypt. Entering Carrefour store means that you’ll get to experience top quality products

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  • Compare and Contrast Essay Between Sundry Shops Ans Hypermarket

    outlets and hypermarkets has set a decline to the popularity once vastly enjoyed by these little shops in the neighbourhood. Coupled with supermarkets‚ consumers have a myriad of choice to choose from allowing the infiltration of the ‘cult’ to seep into them. Other attributes to which needs a worthy mention are escalating cost of living and the dire need to stretch every single buck - an answer given in the form of lower-priced consumer goods in reasonable bulks by supermarkets and hypermarkets. Succumbing

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  • Carrefour: Hypermarket and St Economic Power

    st economic power and the first exporter of goods in the world. Ideed‚ the economic situation is very favourable as the the economic growth is one of the highest of the with with 7‚9% in 2012. Social : The living standard seems to be higher over the last few years which engender an improvment of the purchasing power and stimulate the consumption as well as the economic growth. Moreover‚ the month average income is around 2400 yuans which represents 300 euros Plus‚ the country is more

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  • A Comparative Study on the Promotion and Advertising Used by Tesco and Carrefour Hypermarkets in Malaysia

    Carrefour hypermarkets in Malaysia. Various selection of relevant literature was sought to establish a solid framework. Through a survey which covered a sample population of 30 respondents‚ the study was able to determine that Tesco seems to be more popular compared to Carrefour. It highlighted that effective advertising and promotion strategies have contributed to the hypermarket’s popularity. The study significantly indicates the advertising and promotion strategies that both hypermarkets practice

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  • Compare and Contrast Essay Between Sundry Shops Ans Hypermarket

    Compare and Contrast Essays Question 3.1: Hypermarket chains like Giant and Carrefour are mushrooming in many big towns. However‚ the neighbourhood soundry shops‚ for example grocery shops‚ still have a role to play. Compare and contrast the roles that the hypermarket and sundry shops play in the life of the community. Nowadays‚ huge retail shop like Giant and Carrefour are growing everywhere especially in

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  • hypermarket

    IBM2702 International Business Environment Section 402: Semester 1/2014 Etude House in Thailand 1. Athittaya A. 5510116 2. Phatchakul L. 5513615 Group members 3. Jiseok Y. 5328106 4. Sirinapa S. 5412352 5. Wannida A. 5514236 6. Pathimaphorn N. 5613475 What’s Etude? IBM2702: International Business Environment Section:402 Cultural Analysis South Korea Culture Vs Thai Culture IBM2702: International Business Environment Section:402 Cultural Analysis

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  • carrefour case study

    RETAIL INNOVATIONS CASE STUDY Carrefour: Hypermarket Reinvention Carrefour’s approach to revitalizing its hypermarket format and key action points for retailers looking to improve their large format store sales Reference Code: CM00028-002 Publication Date: December 2010 OVERVIEW Summary Verdict’s Retail Innovations case studies are new for 2010. Each profile provides an evaluation of a company that stands out due to a set of unique characteristics‚ or a particular strategic initiative

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  • Carrefour Expands Abroad

    in global market? Careefour pioneer for the hypermarket had faced many competitive threats while expanding their global market; they featured many products like groceries‚ toys‚ furniture‚ fast food and also financial services‚ all under one roof. The first hypermarket was opened in 1963 with the help of French government. By 1973 Carrefour became world’s most global retailer with 15‚000 stores globally. When Careefour established its first hypermarket in Philadelphia US‚ and other unit in US‚ but

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