Ansoff Matrix of Tesco

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Tesco was basically a UK based supermarket which has expanded itself to several countries, personal finance, internet shopping and product and services. They now have 923 stores all over the world. They believe that the increasing sales and purchase in the global market forms a significant part in its growth. ( accessed on 28 Nov 2010 They are the world’s leading retailers, They have a well established strategies on which they work, which constitute the very strong base for their growth. ( accessed on 28 Nov 2010 Ansoff Matrix for Tesco

 | Existing Products| New Products|

Market Penetration

    Product Development    

    Market Development    


( accessed on 28 Nov 2010 As part of our study let’s analyze Tesco with the help of Ansoff Matrix. The matrix analyze a company based on two aspect ‘market’ and ‘product’. Based on this there are four part, they are : * Market penetration

* Product Development
* Market Development
* Diversification

Market Penetration of Tesco:

When a company had made its name in the market it need to penetrate in to find out all the opportunity that it can exploit. Here Tesco has also made a good reputation in terms of its function. Now as part its market penetration activity it has undertook much activity. One such activity was when it tried to increase its market share through Tesco’s clubcard double point scheme. Through this it has made its rival Asda’s fall from 17.2% to 17% whereas it made a gain of .3% by raising its market share from 30.1% to 30.4%.

( accessed on 28 Nov 2010

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