Strategic Human Resources Management

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Strategic Management
Human Resources

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1 Section A 1

1. In what ways do you think McLaren Group practices SHRM? 1 How would you categories the form of SHRM that would be necessary in this organisation?

2. Reflecting across the course units what would you be the main SHRM 5 challenges facing the organization and its pursuance of SHRM in the next few years?
What system and processes would need to be in place?

3. How would you recommend the organisation set a comprehensive strategic 9 process for evaluating and auditing the impact of SHRM.

2 Section B 12

2.1 Performance Management is central to the achievement of SHRM. 12 However it is normally considered problematic to design and implement a successful system. Consider this statement and assets what an organisation should do to ensure that systems delivers ‘value added’ for an organisation.

2.2 Why are employee relations problematic for SHRM? How might 19 organisations integrate employee relations systems and processes to support SHRM?

Reference List 26

1 Section A

1. In what ways do you think McLaren Group practices SHRM? How would you categories the form of SHRM that would be necessary in this organisation?

The present case study of the McLaren Group describes the companies SHRM. The problems, the chances and the changes for a better integration of the SHRM into the companies actions are characterised.

There exist three approaches to the strategic management of Human Resources:
(University of Sunderland Workbook, 2004, Strategic Management of Human Resources, p. 12 ff.)

1) The best practice view
2) The best fit view
3) The resource-based approach

To determine McLaren’s approach the best practice view is identified.

“In modern highly and globally competitive times there is really only one successful way for an organisation to deal with human resourcing issues. And that is to adopt ‘enlightened’, ‘progressive’, ‘people first’, ‘high performance’ or ‘high commitment’ employment practices regardless of the organisation` s circumstances”. (Leopold, Harris and Watson, 2005, p.25)

Such ’best practices’ are:

- Human resourcing issues are the concern of all managers - Human resourcing consideration are part of all strategic – level deliberations -

- A strong culture, with high levels of worker involvement and consultation, encourages high employee commitment to the organisations and its continuous improvement - High trust relations and teamworking practices make close supervision and strict hierarchies unnecessary - Employees undertake continually to develop their skills to achieve both personal ´growth´and task flexibility

(The Strategic Managing of Human Resources, edited by John Leopold, Lynette Harris and Tony Watson, FT Prentice Hall, 2005, p.25)

The ‘best practice’ model emphasises on the professionalism of personnel practice and involvement and empowerment of staff. Furthermore, organisational flexibility, quality and integration of activities are of importance.

The high commitment strategy contains a close relationship between employer and worker as well as opportunities for personal and career development. By contrast the low commitment strategy which follows ‘hire and fire’ principles and does not support employees training and development.

To clarify the high commitment to human resources strategies at McLaren, the following table shows the components of high...
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