Stompfest: the Best Lan Party

Topics: Circuit breaker, LAN party, Personal computer Pages: 2 (778 words) Published: April 21, 2009
Paul Bohall
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Stompfest: The best LAN party.
Evaluation Paper

In my Evaluation paper I choose to evaluate a LAN (Local Area Network) party named Stompfest. In case you don’t know what a LAN party I will explain. A LAN party is when a group of people usually in their teens to mid twenties, and sometimes people who are over forty, come together. Depending on the size of the LAN decides if it is at someone’s house, a rented hall or even a convention center. It consists of a group of people who bring their computers (laptop or desktop) to the hall and hook them all up together over a network. This is where the staff comes in; they set it up ahead of time and provide you with a network connection, and a spot to plug your computer in for power. Most LAN’s are small forty to sixty people some are larger such as MML (Million Man LAN) is anywhere from 750 to 1000 people (MML, 2009). The one I am evaluating today on the basis of power and network is Stompfest. Both are extremely important if either one goes down the whole of the LAN can suffer. It is especially bad if it goes down during a torment. Stompfest is the second largest LAN party in the Midwest and the largest in Indiana they are usually anywhere from 250-450 person event. I have been to several LAN parties such as Indy Gamers, Indysmash , GIGA-fyte, MML, LanWar and my own personal ones but my favorite is definitely Stompfest, that is why I became staff, I am the power guy for the event. I handle the power for the 250 person event it’s pretty easy as long as you stay on top of it. Stompfest began in 1998 the original owner, White Phoenix, decided to sell the rights to the LAN, so Brad and Ron decided to invest and take over the event. Stompfest has come along way from a small event to a very large event with an even bigger fan base. Stompfest has recently taken a more online side and developed an ever growing online community. Currently the online side has 3000+ members and 185 paying...

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