Revision Guide Unit 1 The Music Industry

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Unit 1: The Music Industry
What do you need to know for your exam?


Learning aim A: Understand different types of ORGANISATIONS that make up the music industry

YOU NEED TO KNOW the different types of ORGANISATIONS (no.1-4 listed below) in the music industry and the TYPE OF WORK EACH ONE DOES.

1. Venues and live performance (places that host live music events)

a) Small and medium local venues (pubs, clubs, small theatres) Host music regularly or part of mixed arts performances (e.g. a musical) Host a wide range of music: small niche genres (e.g. DJs) to pop/club bands and singers (e.g. local bands) Local promoters may use this venue for gigs and club nights (e.g. New Years Eve parties)

b) Large multi-use spaces (arenas, sports venues, outdoor spaces) Host touring productions linked to TV programmes (e.g. Strictly Come Dancing), rock/pop acts (e.g. One Direction), stand-up comedy, large theatre productions, circuses, festivals

c) You need to know:
a. The advantages and disadvantages of each type of venue
b. What makes them suitable/unsuitable for different types of live music events? c. Locations of the different type of venues (e.g. inner City or outskirts of a city) and issues with access (e.g. travel, transport), noise, disruption (e.g. to local residents), power and security d. Health, safety and security at venues (both audience and employees) – risk within the venues, the venue’s policies and procedures relating to health, safety and security

2. Production and promotion (companies that create, promote and distribute music)

a) Production companies:
1. Recording companies (recording the music)
Major record labels and small independent labels
2. Music publishing (putting the final touches to sell the music) Major companies and self-publishing (artists publishing their own work on YouTube etc)

b) Promotion companies:
1. Promoters (advertising the music to the audience)
Concert promoters, club promoters, festival promoters
2. Broadcasting (showing the music to the audience)
TV, radio, internet
3. Marketing and distribution (selling the music to the audience) Online (e.g. iTunes), high street stores (e.g. HMV, supermarkets), social media (e.g. Facebook, Twitter etc)

c) You need to know:
a. What do each of them do
b. Why is it done
c. When is it done (in terms of the music being released to the public) d. How they are linked
e. How each one is a crucial part in the process

3. Service companies and agencies (companies which provide services to artists, venues and production companies)

a) Agencies:
1. Royalty collection agencies (collect the money for the artist and making sure there is copyright) PRS for Music (formerly the Performing Rights Society or PRS) MCPS (formerly the Mechanical Copyright Protection Society)

PPL Licensing – the importance of keeping to legal requirements for licensing the music 2. Artists’ Representation or A&R (protecting the artist)
Management (the artist’s manager)
Public relations (PR)
Agents (different to the manager)

b) Service Companies:
1. Hire companies (companies which hire out equipment or spaces to the artist) Sound and lighting hire companies
Rehearsal and studio spaces
2. Transport companies (companies which provide transport for equipment and material for touring)

c) You need to know:
a. What each of them do
b. What equipment is needed
c. What is available from the different service companies and agencies d. How they support the music industry
e. Why they are important
f. The pros and cons for musicians working with agencies

4. Unions (organisations that provide support and guidance to those working in the music industry)

a) The Unions:
1. The Muscians’ Union (MU) – union for musicians, composers, instrumental teachers 2. Equity – union for actors, dancers and other performers 3. Broadcast Enterainment Cinematograph Theatre Union (BECTU) – union for those working in production and/or...
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