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Statement of Commitment

By emarberry Apr 12, 2013 275 Words
Attaining my FCCPC is an important step in my career to becoming a GREAT teacher!My dream is to become a high school math teacher. But fate has decided for me to work with younger children first. This has become to be a great thing for me to learn and tackle before achieving my dream.

To start working with young children helps you understand how the mind of a child works and the fundementals of learning, which is the early childhood learning process. Maintaining my FCCPC will set me apart from other teachers because I will have the knowledge and experience of working with a more developing brain and teaching and implementing standards and fundementals with a more energetic group of children with much less of an attention span than high schoolers. In addition to this, the step of achieving and maintaining my FCCPC will set me apart from other teachers in my current teaching field. Most afterschool teachers and mentors are not as experienced and knowledgeable of birth to five years old as FCCPC holding teachers. This gives me the skills and knowledge of how the children have developed to learn at the current age level. Finally, my FCCPC will qualify me to possibly advance in my job. It will qualify me for a higher pay and positions that have more stable and longer hours. This will help me with my most important job in my life... Being a FULL TIME WORKING MOTHER OF FOUR!!! So as you can see, attaining my FCCPC was not always in my life plan. But it has become a very important step and achievement in my life.

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