Competency Goal 1

Topics: Nutrition, Play, Hygiene Pages: 2 (443 words) Published: April 15, 2013
Statement of Competence

Competency Goal I
To establish and maintain a safe, healthy learning environment

Functional Area 1: Safe
In order to maintain a safety environment first, I do a overall inspection indoors and outdoors every morning before starting my day. It is required of me and my fellow co-workers to do a outdoor checklist for playground equipment. All tree limbs, broken glass, rocks, or any other foreign object is removed. I make sure there are no hazardous items within the classroom that are in reach of children. Anything that says, “Keep Out of Reach of Children” is always removed from classroom prior to children entering the class. For example: Before diaper bags are put into cubbies I remove any items that might cause any harm to kids. I also have a plan in place in case of an emergency/evacuation and it’s posted on the wall for parents to see. I also keep a list of parents/guardians phone numbers handy. Lastly, I supervise the children throughout the day. Functional Area 2: Healthy

In order to maintain a healthy diet for the children, I have a weekly menu posted for parents to see. A nutritious breakfast, lunch and snack is provided daily. Every meal is served with items from each food group. Milk is a must everyday. Every child has the opportunity to help serve and name the items being serve. To prevent sickness in the center I follow the proper hand washing technique daily. I also follow the rule for diapering and going to the toilet. Not only do the teachers implement the rules we also teach this to the kids. All toys are disinfected with my bleach solution on a daily basis or as needed. Functional Area 3: Learning Environment

Learning is the basis for a safety and healthy environment. First and Foremost, I get to know each child well so that I may be able to help them attain their goals. Also I teach the children according to each individual learning ability. I have an organized class for children to learn. I...
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