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Stateline Shipping and Transport Company
Stateline Shipping and Transport Company
School of Business
MAT 540
This paper was presented in submission for MAT 540 assignment four (Part 1 Only). Abstract
This paper serves as a written response to the instructions and questions asked in assignment four. Assignment four instructed the writer to read the case problem Stateline Shipping and Transport Company from pages 273-274 in the text, Introduction to Management Science by Bernard W. Taylor. The assignment then directed the writer to Formulate and Solve and linear transportation programming model, this step was done in QM. The linear programming model is attached herein. Keywords: Linear Programming, Transportation, Shipping, ModelIntroduction This Case Problem, Stateline Shipping and Transport Company, is based on a girl named Rachel Sundusky who is a manager of the South-Atlantic office for Stateline Shipping and Transport (Taylor, 2010). Rachel is negotiating a contract with Polychem an industrial use chemical company (Taylor, 2010). Polychem has six sites that it would like for Stateline to pick up waste from (Taylor, 2010). Polychem would then like for Stateline to transport the waste for disposal to one of three sites (Taylor, 2010). Polychem has agreed to handle all of the waste at all sites therefore Stateline needs only transport the materials and incur costs for the same (Taylor, 2010). Rachel would like to see what the less costly shipping routes are (Taylor, 2010). Rachel will need all of the pertinent information, i.e. cost per unit, cost per trip, and total shipment cost in order to be able to give an accurate proposal to Polychem (Taylor, 2010). For this assignment the instructor determined we should only complete part one. Therefore the model below works out Rachel’s route costs not optimal routes. 1. Minimize Stateline’s Total Cost

The main function sought by Rachel is to develop a route that minimizes costs (Taylor, 2010). Knowing that there...

References: Taylor, Bernard W. (2010). Introduction to Management Science. 10th Edition. Pearson Education, Inc. Upper Saddle River, NJ 07458
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