Starch/Amylase Experiment Report

Topics: Starch, Enzyme, Glucose Pages: 2 (451 words) Published: April 9, 2013
Starch/Amylase Experiment Report
The purpose of the starch/amylase experiment was to simulate and observe the process of enzyme digestion. Materials:
* 1 small beaker
* 2 large beakers
* 2 cut pieces of soaked dialysis tubing
* 2 dialysis tubing clamps or pieces of twine
* 2 clean plastic pipettes
* 1 bottle of Lugol’s solution
* 2 glucose test strips
Begin the experiment by placing 4 full pipettes worth of cooked starch in a beaker. Then, use a second clean pipette to add 4 full pipettes worth of α-amylase to the beaker and stir to simulate food mixing with saliva in the mouth. Afterwards, leaving the mixture in the beaker, obtain a piece of soaked dialysis tubing and twist, fold, and clamp one end to represent an empty gut. Then, roll the moist, open end of the tubing between your fingers until it opens to represent the valve between the crop and intestine. Then, use a clean plastic pipette to transfer 4 full pipettes of solution from the beaker to the dialysis tubing and gently rinse the outside of the bag in tap water to remove any spills. Once you have sufficiently rinsed the bag, fill a large beaker two-thirds full of water and add 4 droppers of Lugol’s reagent to it. Then, place the dialysis bag in the beaker so the open end drapes over the edge and attach a rubber band to hold the bag in place. Record the starting colors of the bag and beaker. Once you have recorded the starting colors, set up a control bag containing just starch in a dialysis bag and place it in the second beaker of water. Add Lugol’s solution to the surrounding fluid and record the initial color. After an hour, test the contents of the starch/amylase bag and the surrounding fluid with the glucose test strips and record your results. Results:

The starting colors of the solutions in the small beaker and bag were clear and remained clear after an hour with normal glucose levels. The starting color of the fluid surrounding the bag was...
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