Stakeholder and Corporate Social Responsibility

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PATCH 1 (20% of Total mark and maximum of 500 words): Strategic Purpose – [RED] ( Johnson et al., 2011; pages 152-154) TASK A : Provide a table that presents a brief description and key references of concepts and Tools with respect to ‘strategic purpose’.

Answer: Tables that present a brief description and key references of concepts and tools with respect to ‘strategic purpose’.

Expressions of Strategic Purpose
Answers the question/s



Corporate Values

Key Influences on Strategic Purpose
Corporate Governance

Stakeholder Expectations

Social Responsibility and Ethics


Shareholder Model
Stakeholder Model


Stakeholder mapping: the power/interest matrix

Minimal effort
Keep informed
Keep satisfied
Key players

Corporate Social Responsibility Stances:

Enlightened self-interest
Forum for stakeholder interaction
Shaper of society

Views on the Purpose of a business

Milton Friedman’s Profit Maximization

Charles Handy’s Stakeholder View

The New Capitalists’ Argument: ‘Society and shareowners are becoming one and the same’

TASK B : Applying the above concepts and tools, provide table(s) and/or figure/s to answer the Following questions:

Drawing on corporate responsibility stances, or the three perspectives on the key debates ( Johnson et al.; p.147) what is the rationale of :
The founders of (Product) RED?
The director for social responsibility for GAP?
The author of the article in the TIMES?

(Product) RED
TIMES’ Author
Corporate Social Responsibility Stance

Perspective on the Key Debate


TASK C: Provide a 500 word commentary on TASK B.

Guide Questions:
1. Provide a summary of the above table.
2. What views might shareholders of GAP of

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