The Concept of Corporate Social Responsibility

Topics: Social responsibility, Free market, Tobacco industry Pages: 2 (625 words) Published: October 27, 2008
What are the arguments for and against the concept of corporate social responsibility? Where do you stand, and why?

An argument for corporate social responsibility is that many think they should assume the role because it states they they are thinking of the people and how they are creating a win/win situation. Those that are against are purely looking at the bottom margin and look no further or care. For me I am all for it. It states that they do care about were they do business, how they effect others, and how it may effect the environment if it does at all.

Do your opinions match those of your organization?

No! This company I work for can do better in regards to thinking of the environment in my opinion. They are more concerned about profit margin or sustaining it. I do think they do some charity stuff butt I never hear about it or for wich charity.

Give your opinions, specifically, with respect to discussions of American tobacco companies, the current bail out of Wall Street and your organization.

My opinion on the subject of American tobacco is first that I do not smoke nor do I agree with the companies. Research has shown the pros ( almost none) in my opinion and the cons to it. But, It is the peoples decision / choice that keeps the companies in business. As long as they have consumers they will continue to tax and have a business. Do they show their concerns to what is being effected and the trickle down effect to kids. I do not see any. As far as the bail out of Wall Street…wish I had the money to try it. But these are very well educated people that guesed wrong or their equation was smuged. If I new I could be bailed out from a money situation I would do it again. So what’s not to say that this will occur again.

A Call to All Enlightened CapitalistsThe free market ideology is dead. Those that have espoused that the market is efficient enough to be left alone without any conscience, regulation or transparency (they say...
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