Stakeholder analysis

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Stakeholder analysis
P2, M1 and D1
For this task I will be looking at two organisations and will be looking at who their stakeholders are and how much influence they have and also what they want from the company. A stakeholder is someone who holds and interest in the company. The two organisations I will be looking at are Tesco and Macmillan. Tesco are a one of the largest retailer stores in the world. They have expanded massively and now in England there are now over 3300 stores in the UK alone and employ a huge amount of people. Tesco have many stakeholders for their company. One stakeholder for Tesco is their customers, these are the people who go and buy the products or services from Tesco. They have an interest in Tesco as they want to be able to get the best quality products and services for the best prices. I believe that the customers of Tesco have got some influence. They are able to shop elsewhere if they do not like Tesco as there are many competitors who sell the same things and without the large amount of customers, Tesco wouldn’t be able to make as much profit and also wouldn’t be able to expand as much. However each individual customer does not have much influence for Tesco as they have so many customers that one customer leaving or complaining does not affect them really. As well as this Tesco also have shareholders as a stakeholder for their company. The shareholders are the people who have brought shares in the company. They put money into it, so that Tesco are able to expand and then in return they get dividend later on, this means they make money often. Shareholders will have an interest in the company as they want to know whether the company is doing well or not so that they can see whether buying shares for them is a good idea. Shareholders do have some influence for Tesco. They’re the ones who are putting money into them and investing into them, without this money Tesco wouldn’t get a quick mass amount of money and therefore couldn’t...
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