Business Level 2

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P2 An introduction to Retail
Introduction: In this task I will be giving a list of companies that help support businesses to run. I will give a list of companies that support with transport, manufacturing businesses, suppliers, IT business, financial services and marketing and advertising agencies. I will also give a brief description of how they support my retail business which is Tesco. In order for Tesco’s business to run successfully, they rely on other business for support. This is maybe because Tesco will not have staffs that are able to provide like other retailers. Tesco rely on other businesses for;

Tesco will rely on food suppliers because they have a big role within the business. Without food suppliers Tesco will not have any food groceries to provide their customers. They will rely on food manufacturing business for the items. Tesco will have to pay the food manufacturing business for their products to be sold by Tesco. They make it easy for Tesco to achieve these objectives by having particular products within the business. Finance

Tesco use finance accountants to track their money. Although Tesco have their own bank they may still rely on other banks such as, Halifax, Santander and etc. This is also an easy way for them to pay their employees’ wages. The strengths and expertise they bring to the business are having financial charts to show Tesco how their money is coming in and out of the business. They make it easier for the business to achieve their objects by receiving their profit. IT

The IT department will help Tesco with setting up the business website. With this the businesses website will run successfully. Tesco will rely on the IT department to help with web development. They will use their knowledge in making the website presentable for online customers. They will also use their experience in setting up website to the business. They will also use site...
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