SSS Software in-Basket Exercise

Topics: Vice President of the United States, Management, President of the United States Pages: 9 (2534 words) Published: February 21, 2011
Chris Perillo was offered to replace Michael Grant, who has resigned and gone to the competitor Universal Business Solutions, Inc. Previously, Perillo managed a group of 15 software developers, but now he is assigned with a bigger and more prestigious position; the Vice Presidency of Operations for Health and Financial Services. Chris needs to review all the material in the in-basket, as well as the voice mail and e-mail and prioritize the response to each item. Perillo must make good decisions in a good time manner in order to gain confidence from the President and CEO and also all his new subordinates. Each decision will directly affect his career, so as the future of the organization. The case presents a realistic situation with tasks faced usually by practicing managers.

Just by analyzing the memo#3 sent by Paula Sprague – Executive Assistant – a bigger assumption can be drawn. The memo shows how well the ‘top of the pyramid’ knows their employees. The list goes from personal to professional information. The CEO has information and knows what was left from Michael Grant. Perillo is being tested with his character having to deal with ethical issues, which is the case of memo#4, and also being tested with professionalism and time management.

Perillo has time limitations for his tasks even though dates are not explicit in the case. In corporate world tasks are usually due ‘yesterday’. As a Vice President, If Perillo fails in not keeping up with time management; it can ruin the structure of the entire company.

Can Perillo handle the new position and be efficient in a time matter? Chris has good qualifications and a great professional background but an uncertainty is always present until he proves his credentials.

Being new at the job;
oGetting trust from employees;
prioritize the tasks lefty by Michael Grant;
Finalize Michael Grant’s incomplete tasks;

There are advantages and disadvantages on being new at any social relationship, including work. When people first enters in any collective group, the first major advantage to be considered is that people do not necessarily know them, which can go in favor for some people. In this particular case, Perillo was already working for the company, where he performed an excellent work, so his reputation is this case may help on his acceptance process. Perillo will have the difficult task of establishing trust from all his subordinates and trust is built and preserve by a lot of small actions over time. In the business environment, trust is also warned, over time, through day-to-day actions making the right choices even in difficult situations. Trust forms the foundation for effective communication, employee retention, and employee motivation and contribution of discretionary energy, the extra effort that people voluntarily invest in work. When trust exists in a company or in a relationship, almost everything else is easier and more comfortable to achieve. Perillo will not get top performance out of any employee who does not trust him. Another crucial vantage point is to know how to prioritize tasks. Perillo received a substantial amount of work from the past position owner, Mr. Michael Grant and will have to prioritize his tasks in order to be politician. What I mean by the term politician is that although Chris will work hard to achieve SSS Software corporate goals, he also needs to work on his behalf. For instance, just to exemplify lets use memo#5A and memo 8 consecutively. This first is a memo sent from Sprague, Executive Assistant to Roger Steiner/CEO and the second is a memo sent from Armand Marke, manager from group#8. Which one should Perillo answer first? In order to prioritize tasks Chris should analyze the hierarchy that constitutes SSS Software and give time preferences when executing different duties. So the answer for the question is Memo#5A. The last vintage point is...
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