Dawn Riley Case Report

Topics: Management, Decision making, Organizational studies and human resource management Pages: 4 (951 words) Published: November 6, 2013
Executive Summary

Dawn Riley, CEO/Captain of the America True team is in the middle of several critical decisions that require strategic analysis for their team to succeed. Her main dilemma is whether she should decide to spend very scarce financial and design team resources to make modifications to the America True Teams practice boat, Tag. Dawn has scheduled a meeting with her Senior Management team to discuss the upgrade of Tag. The goal of upgrading the American True practice boat is to create the best testing platform which would require significant improvements to their racing boat. David Barnes, the team consultant, senses that the variance in the boats is causing issues between racing personnel.

Additionally, Dawn has identified organizational dilemmas that will require, key decisions through critical analysis of her team. My analysis will involve proposed changes in the management approach, organizational structure, and the role of leadership. Dawn’s final decisions require tactical analysis that will address the following issues.

Team Issues
1.Management: Dawns position as CEO and Captain is going to require a very careful and strategic managerial approach relative the subsequent technical and leadership issues: a.She needs to constructively administer design and sailing team meetings to promote clear communication b.Clearly identify a management structure roles for increased efficiency and communication

2.Organizational: Dawn has a very strong team syndicate, however some members are being underutilized. a.She must promote current members in the organizational chart to alleviate the “mixed messages” and facilitate accountability b.Identify and determine who will be on the “A-team”

3.Leadership: Dawn leadership is going to be crucial to provide successful outcomes for America True Team boat. a.She needs to be more assertive in her role as CEO and not take the passive, participant role as a key leader of the team. b.She must...
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