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What’s the best mobile OS: iOS, Android, Windows Phone 8?

When choosing a laptop or PC, your decision is essentially between Windows or Mac OS X but while you choosing mobile you have various options for mobile os.
Smartphone makers take it in turns to trump each other for storage, processor speed and camera megapixels, but it’s the largely software - the mobile OS - that makes the biggest difference to your everyday use.
We're not talking about just the interface. It's the features the software offers, plus the depth and breadth of apps available for the mobile OS which make a difference.
It's all very well being able to download the big hitters such as Twitter, Facebook, Angry Birds and BBC iPlayer, but what about the smaller apps such as online banking, other catch-up TV services and more? If your chosen mobile OS doesn't have these in the app store, your smartphone will be more limited than you might want.

How to choose the right smartphone OS for you

IPhone os
The latest version of Apple's mobile OS which runs on the iPhone, iPad and iPod touch offers the broadest choice of apps of all smartphones and comes with plenty of Apple’s own apps.
The likable Safari web browser supports multiple web pages, but the lack of support for Flash means some websites don't work. Synchronised bookmarks (via iCloud) and the ability to save pages for offline viewing (Reading List) are handy. In-private browsing is supported.
Typing is fairly swift once you master overriding Apple’s autocomplete suggestions. Good note-taking, reminders and calendar apps are provided.
Apple replaced Google Maps with its own Maps app in iOS 6, but you can still get Google’s superior maps app which also includes Street View. On the iPhone 4S and 5, you get turn-by-turn driving directions and the pretty-but-pointless 3D view in major cities.
Integration with audio hardware is impressive via both Bluetooth and Apple AirPlay wireless streaming (Apple's TV is great for wireless

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