Iphone 3g Presentation

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Product Presentation: iPhone 3G

The iPhone is one great device that combines a mobile phone, a mulitmeda players, and a web browser in one neat package. In fact, the iPhone can even do more than tose things as it will be able to give you high quality entertainment that you never imagined possible in a mobile phone.

Just over a year alter Apple birthed the first iPhone, we now have the long-awaited, next-generation of the iPhone, the new 3G that has arrived with a midly tweaked design and a load of new improved features.

The 3G iPhone is an extension of the earlier iPhone model. It gives someone almost the power and feeling that you can do everything you think of with this mobile device. Furthermore it has an access to a faster 3G wireless network, Microsoft Exchange server e-mail, and support for a staggering array of new softwares from the iPhone App Store. The new 3G of course has still some Basic features, but when you compare it to the original model a year ago, you see that this device now sets a new benchmark for the cell phone world.

Call-quality performance issues with the previous model were fixed now in the iPhone 3G. The volume is now louder with less background buzz than before. Music and video quality were improved a bit too, as we didn’t have many complaints about it, Generally the new iPhone 3G is a lot more flexible than the other models, as it offers you to be constantly online in order to Exchange information with family and friends and it will even allow you to watch a movie or let you play with online games.

All in all a high quality mobile phone, where the competition can barely hold with.


I think that the product is very well presented. Of course here are now missing the big amount of numbers and small details, but the general difference between the older model of iPhone and the difference between other mobile devices is shown. They exactly say where there strength is and what they can offer the customer. So all...
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