Mobile Computing and Social Networks

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Mobile Computing and Social Networks

CIS 500

Mobile based applications are compact software programs that perform specific tasks for the mobile user. There are two types of mobile apps: “The native app must be installed on the device; they either arrive pre-installed on the phone – these might include address book, calendar, calculator, games, maps and Web browser – or they can be downloaded from for free or a small fee from Web sites – today these sites are called app stores. Native apps are either written specifically for a type of handset – as many iPhone applications have been – so they can take more advantage of a phone’s functions, or as Java applications – this was the norm with download apps until recently – to run on many handsets. The Web app resides on server and is accessed via the Internet. It performs specified tasks – potentially all the same ones as a native application – for the mobile user, usually by downloading part of the application to the device for local processing each time it is used. The software is written as Web pages in HTML and CSS, with the interactive parts in Java. This means that the same application can be used by most devices that can surf the Web (regardless of the brand of phone)”, ( Smartphone’s are extremely popular. Ninety-seven percent of all smartphone users use mobile applications. Fifty-eight percent of those smart phone users use location based applications. There were surveys done by a nonprofit global information security association called

ISACA (previously known as the Information Systems Audit and Control Association).
According to the survey taken by the ISACA , the location based activities were done via applications from smartphone using the users current locations was done fifty nine percent of the time but tagging photos on social media such as dating sites or facebook was done forty- four percent. There have been several mobile apps that capture geographical information, sim card information and other personal information to share with advertisers. This information is easily uploaded to the phone just by downloading the application to the phone.

Some of the benefits of the information being given through these applications are beneficial in some cases. For example internet usage at my job is frowned upon so I utilize my phone throughout the day by checking my personal email, checking my bank account as well as sending pictures to my friends and family online. It really benefits me because I can handle personal business at work without using my work computer. I also am able to communicate with my family over the internet because I live away from my family so being able to communicate using mobile applications which is a life saver for me. So these applications are very beneficial to me and people living away from their friends and family like me.

Mobile design is a field that is changing rapidly. The field has grown over the last few years and had huge growth due to applications that have been added to the market.

Even though the market of mobile application development is booming there are still some constraints that are involved. Some of these constraints that still arise are small form factor, cross device support, information overload and content organization. One challenge is small screen size. “Complex, dense mobile application can be difficult to read and navigate on a mobile device. For this reason you should look carefully for redundant text or unnecessary graphics that you can remove without affecting your site's core functionality. The best way to eliminate some of the issues with the screen is to avoid duplicating all of the richness and functionality of a site that is designed for a desktop computer, considering instead the needs and usage scenarios of your mobile users”, ( Another issue is browser consistency. The usability of the interface from agent to agent, but mark-up rendering is an...

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