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In this era of technology smart phones have almost become the necessity of life. In Pakistan craze of possessing smart phone is increasing due to consistent launching of new models and version of smart phones. Initially mobile market in Pakistan was dominated by Nokia. However Samsung has overtaken Nokia and Apple with successive launching of smart phones and become successful in capturing the major portion of smart phones market in Pakistan. In order to collect information for identifying reasons of consistent increase in Samsung Smartphone’s popularity in Pakistan a survey has been conducted. Population consists of all the users of Samsung smart phone live in Pakistan. In this study non-probability sampling technique has been used. Thus sample constitutes a convenience sampling. The data is collected through internet survey so apparently sample consists of only those respondents who have internet access. Total of 29 smart phone users participated in survey. While only 20 respondents of them are Samsung Smartphone users. In this study we are going to consider filled questionnaire of only Samsung smart phone users. Respondents were assured that their opinion will be kept confidential while their responses would be coded to ensure anonymity. Online questionnaire was developed with the help of Google drive. Responses of questionnaire were immediately recorded automatically in soft copy, which helped to ensure accuracy. Questionnaire consists of 5 questions based on dichotomous choice and 5 questions based on likert scale. While some profile information was also required by respondents to increase understanding such as age and gender. For the sake of data collection questionnaire were e-mailed to e-mail addresses of participants. While to increase response rate a link of live questionnaire form was also shared through social website. Data collected was analyzed through Microsoft Office Excel. DETAILS ABOUT SAMPLE USED IN RESEARCH:

1. Sample comprised 20 respondents who possess data for research. Sample structure by age can be mentioned by the 3:2 ratio. It means that sixty percent of respondents who possess Samsung smart phone belong to age group of 15-25 while forty percent of sample belongs to age group of 26-36.
2. Sample structure by gender discloses the ratio distribution of 1:4. It means that Eighty percent of these 20 respondents who possess data for research is female and only twenty percent are male.

1. Objective of first question is to explore the intention behind the purchase of Samsung Smartphone specifically. In other words whether the respondent has purchased Samsung smart phone to gain higher social status or not. Results shows that seventy percent of respondents give positive response while remaining thirty percent say they did not buy it to gain higher social status.

2. Influence of family and friends must also be considered. Before making any purchase especially items like smart phone usually people asks from other people about their experience with brand. According to our results 14 out of 20 respondents say that their decision to buy Samsung smart phone was influenced by advices and experiences of their friends and family. While according to 6 out of 20 respondents their decision was not influenced by other people.

3. Success of a brand depends upon the satisfaction level that a consumer drives by using it. In case of smart phone where the battle of gaining maximum market share is becoming fierce day by day and every manufacturer is continuously trying to provide iteration with improved features battle of attract. Results of research show that all of the respondents are satisfied with the features of Samsung smart phone. Apparently it seems that Samsung smart phone users are satisfies with the features offered by Samsung such as GPS, dual video calling and recording, Android OS, smart pause, smart play, smart...
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