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Topics: God, Islam, Qur'an Pages: 2 (473 words) Published: December 21, 2014
Holy books
Beliefs, Teachings


Sin/ Salvations


The holy books of Islam is the Al-Qur'a
A belief in a single, unitary God who is all-powerful, all-knowing, and without any children or family of any kind. A belief in angels who are made of light and who can assume any form they wish, much like a hologram. A belief in revealed scriptures (oral or written) that are given to prophets. These include the Torah of Moses, the Psalms of David, the Gospel of Jesus, and the Qur’an of Muhammad. A belief in the concept of prophets, or chosen guides who are contacted by God and given a mission to teach and/or lead. A belief in a last day for the earth, when it will all end and then all souls will be brought back to God for a review of their record of beliefs and actions. A belief in the foreknowledge of God regarding the future.

A belief in a next life. The soul will live on after judgment day and exist in either Paradise or Hellfire. Some souls, whose sins are minor, will be allowed to leave Hellfire and enter Paradise after their punishment has been served. A newly converted Muslim is called a Muallaf. There are five pillars, or foundations, of Islam but the primary, and most important is to believe that there is only one God and creator, referred to as Allah (the word for the name of God in Arabic) and that the Islamic prophet, Muhammad, is His last and final messenger. A person is considered to have converted to Islam from the moment he or she sincerely makes this declaration of faith, called the shahadah. "Salvation" in Islam refers to the eventual entrance to heaven. The word does not cover the possible entry to hellfire, or the different levels of hellfire and heaven. Islam teaches that people who die disbelieving in the God do not receive salvation. It also teaches that non-Muslims who die believing in the God but disbelieving in his message (Islam), are left to His will. Those who die...
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