Vocabulary Week 1 Hum/130

Topics: God, Religion, Monotheism Pages: 2 (354 words) Published: June 20, 2013
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Appendix C

HUM 130 Week 1 Vocabulary Quiz

| |Define these terms in your own words. | |1. Immanent |Being a part of something at that moment | |2. Religion |To have a belief in God in your own way; to worship | |3. Theistic |The belief in that there is a God | |4. Monotheistic |To believe in only one God | |5. Profane |The belief of not believing | |6. Polytheistic |To believe in more than one God | |7. Monistic |One that believes that all that is alive was created by one person or thing | |8. Dogma |To be a part of a group that believes, and has strong faith | |9. Nontheistic |To believe or not it is the right to think there is a personal God or Gods | |10. Transcendent |The belief that there is life outside of this world | |11. Incarnations |To believe that there is a person on earth that is Jesus walking around within us all | |12. Kensho |To believe in Buddhism | |13. Atheism |The non-belief of God or Gods | |14. Agnosticism |Doubtful or unsure that a...
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