Ethical Systems

Topics: Morality, Ethics, Religion Pages: 4 (885 words) Published: October 20, 2014
The doctrine that knowledge is merely subjective and that there are no objective moral truths. “It’s either my way or the highway.”
You learn to trust yourself in your decision-making.

You are not prepared to learn from the experiences of others (from which wisdom is derived).

People around the world have different views, some of which are influenced by personal tastes, feelings and opinions. Nihilism
The rejection of all religious and moral principles, often in the belief that life is meaningless. “Life is meaningless.”
Actions can be performed without hesitation; since life is meaningless, there are few/no consequences. A variety of social issues can ensue from this.
There is little empathy for the situations of other people.

Although this ethical system is more of a personal principle than something that can be applied to a particular situation, some regard anarchy as being driven by nihilism (albeit on a considerably smaller scale). Relativism

Nothing is absolutely good or bad; everyone decides for themselves according to the time, faith, culture and place they are living in. “The only absolute is that there is no absolute.”
Allows people to take responsibility
Explains the differences between people’s values
Prohibits a single culture dominating
Takes circumstances into account.
No two people can come to an agreement.
No behaviour however heinous is condemned.
You won’t acknowledge other people’s experiences as a reality.

People in other countries have their own morals and faiths, influencing their decision-making. Utilitarianism
The doctrine that actions are right if they are useful or for the benefit of a majority. “For the greater good.”
A desired result is achieved for the majority.
Those who disagree with the majority are disregarded, such as minority groups. Governments seek to gain support from those...
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