Sponsorship Management

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1.What is Sponsorship?

2. What is Management?

3.What are the Management's Functions?

4.What is Sponsorship Management?

5.Know the Game: understand what sponsorships can do and cannot do

6.The Passion Connection

7.How does sponsorship really enhance brand building?

8.Understand leverage


10.Case Study

What is sponsorship?

‘As a marketer, why wouldn't you use sponsorship? What better medium is there? With sponsorship, you already have a loyal, passionate consumer following of whatever that sponsorship is, whether it's music or football or sailing-you already have a connection with the consumer. So if the fan that has the passion for something is the same person that is your customer, why would you not borrow some of that equity and use that as the essence of an idea around which to build your communication ‘Chris Weil, Momentum Worldwide

Sponsorship is a multi-faceted strategic brand building and marketing tool, which allows a company or brand to associate with a relevant marketing asset (e.g. sport event, social cause, issues or passion), and leverage that association for the mutual benefit of all stakeholders.

Sponsorship is a heaven sent opportunity that allows consumer to experience the brand. Sponsorship "embraces" the consumers while advertising "wave at them". If there is any brand building effort that provides a sustainable competitive advantage, it is sponsorship.

The value of sponsorship is being enhanced rapidly and key events and organisations are able to choose from a wide range of potential sponsors and attract high rights fees. Prime factors in the rise of sponsorship fees are the globalisation of communications, new technology of cable and satellite broadcasting, the internet and digital communications and the growing aspirations of societies for leisure and information. Sponsorship is changing too, and it now figures as part of mainstream marketing. For example, sports sponsorship is increasingly referred too now as sports marketing.

What is management?
Management can be defined as an act of controlling, delegating, supervising, directing, and galvanizing both human resources and other resources together towards achieving an organizational goals and objectives.

Management is defined in the International Dictionary of management (Johannsen et al 1990 p.178) as the effective use and coordination of resources such as capital, plant, materials and labour to achieve defined objectives with maximum efficiency.

Functions of Management
Management has five major key roles in an organization, namely;


What is sponsorship management?
Sponsorship management can be seen as act of promotional/advertisement strategies towards aggressive marketing communication for an organization brands or products for the target audience, via creating more awareness to capture more consumers for such products. (i.e. sales turnover).

Sponsorship is a medium in its own right and is the part of the marketing mix which can truly engage the target audience.

Sponsorship embraces activity at all levels of performance - from the highest elite levels to grass roots community activities. Some sponsors seek to raise their profile or enhance perceptions of their products through providing support for international and national events.

Companies spend considerable sums of money annually to acquire and exploit sponsorship rights giving them exposure to audiences running into millions. Others prefer to support activities at a local community level, including development programmes for youngsters and for the disadvantaged.

Happily, more and more sponsors now have integrated sponsorship programmes that include all levels, from elite performance to community based.

How does sponsorship work?

Objectives of Companies...
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