Botton Village: Case Study

Topics: Botton, North Yorkshire, Camphill Movement, Donation Pages: 4 (984 words) Published: June 3, 2012
Strengths| Opportunities|
* Innovative and highly profitable fundraising model (S1) * Strong brand loyalty from donors (S2) * High response rate to mail outs (S3) * High brand awareness (S4) * Existing relationships with a large number of donors (S5) * High number of individual benefactors (S6) * Increased donor involvement has resulted in more and bigger gifts, irrespective of income brackets (S7) * Existing database systems enable consumer analysis of donors (S8) * Effective use of communication to keep donors informed of events in the Botton community (e.g. Newsletter) (S9) * Has positive, warm, and friendly associations with the public (S10) * Allows donors to “come and visit” if they are passing by increases emotional loyalty for donors S(11)| * Unmet demand in the market place –individuals/companies willing to donate that are yet to be targeted (O1) * Increasing database technology allows for greater consumer analysis(O2) * Increasing Internet adoption allows for both communicating information about BV and online donations (O3) * Decreasing prejudice toward mental illness increases propensity of donations ()4) * Increasingly disposable income of consumers increases willingness for individuals to donate (O5) * Introduction a ‘triple bottom line’ strategies increases propensity for corporate donations (O6)| Weaknesses| Threats|

* Restricted geography limits expansion of Botton Village (W1) * Limited expertise in interpreting results of market research (W2) * High fixed costs (W3) * Existing investment opportunities provides less return on investment that previously (W4) * Hesitance from existing donors to donate to Camphill communities in lieu of Botton Village (W5)| * Increasing mail-outs from newly established and already competing charities (T1) * Increasing power of buyers (donors) (T2) * Reaching maturity stage of PLC increases competing marketing competition of donors (T3) *...

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