Spoiling Kids

Topics: Need, Want, Friendship Pages: 1 (444 words) Published: April 2, 2013
Today i’m very greatful to presentation of my topic : the spoiling children .

Nowadays so many people increasing in the world. There are many good children in the world, but there are bad children a lot in the society. There are three mains reasons that are made the children to be bad. First of all, parents’ kids lack education. They spoil them to do something wrongly. They busy with their business so that they are no time to take care their children. They never advise their children to be better. They just think about their wealth. They don’t care about the neighbors around their children. Other more, when their kids have problems with the other people, they always solve their problems depending on their money or rank and partism who be toady them. Parents love their children too much. So always do and give all what them want. Second of all, they making friend with bad person cause of they are too young so they don’t have enough thinking. They believe their friend too much without thinking. Their friends take them to use drugs that is illegal in the society. Cambodia hate this thing too much. When they are addictive, they are violent. They fight other people who are weaker than they are. They can kill or rape someone in their community. Sometime they destroy the public things such as school, parks and post lights. One day, they can kill themselves because they are broke. When they need money, they can hit and rob their parents or relatives for getting money. Third of all, bad foreign culture. Now there are a lot of bad foreign culture have flown into Cambodia such as films, clothes and fool with modern material. They watch films such as violent films, martial films. It can make them brave and want to follow up the films. They want to change their style such as clothes, hair cause they want to make up like the actor in the films. They want to be gangsters like the actors in the films. So, all of these thing can make them kill each other. For instance, they...
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