Being Great Parents (Not Unfit)

Topics: Child, Family, Parent Pages: 2 (482 words) Published: August 13, 2013
Elsie Valdez
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Determining if it benefits the child to grow up with a single parent or having both parents. It provides information on how it affects kids who grow with single parents and how some kids becomes emotionally stable and very successful in life. The statistics shown is based on what to expect from a child being raised by single parents compared to a child that has both. Commonly today’s society; single parenting is becoming a dominant figure and the affects that are becoming of it. Reader

Paying attention to how the author states his information such as punctuation or how they make their comparison. By putting yourself in the author mind he tells readers that there are major differences in the outcomes of how we are raised and how successful we can become with both parents. The audience gets a perspective on what works and how beneficial way on raising a child, and in the information given having both parents who raise their child can be a major positive in raising a non- emotional but productive child. Also gains the readers knowledge of what the government can do to hel0 single parents. Author

The author gives his own example by being raised with a single parent. He gives his own experience for an example by stating; even though being raised in a single family household and having the love from other family members made his childhood somewhat good. The author gives statistics on how a child is less likely to become successful without both parents, but uses himself to compare to those odds. The author obviously has a great amount of passion for both parents to be involved and even with one parent how hard but yet successful you can still become. Constraints

The constraints are; Children that grew up with a single parent household and relate to improperly to the issues. When growing up with both parents also contain the issues because of lack of love and attention from their own household of two. Parents who have abandoned their...
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