The world has changed a lot .Today's world is not a safe place to bring up children

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The world has changed a lot .Today's world is not a safe place to bring up children. Discuss. Substantiate your ideas with reasons.

Information technology and globalization have ushered a new era of better life style. But they have also brought with them some evils. Some people believe that the world today is not a safe place to bring up children. In this essay I will discuss why I am favouring this statement.

Undoubtedly, the quality of life has improved by leaps and bonds by technological advancements.But it is clear that some where we have lost our values and priorites due to the over influvence of globalizaion. Most of us are not empathatic to our fellow beings sufferings and immune to violences. Crimes are increased several manifolds and our cities and towns are no longer safe for our vulnerable children.

It strange that, at the middest of material prosperity; terrorism, new diseases, and the rate of crimes on a globel level are florishing. Insatiable greed, hunger for power, broken familes and perverted value system are the underlaying factors of the surging crime rates. Moreover, people live in the constant fear of terrorist attacks, neuclear threat, biological warfare, natural and man made disasters and so on. Children brought up in these insecure environments are conditional to be suspecious of everything they come in contact with.

Furthermore, television also bombared our homes with stories of violence either in the forms of news exclusives, action films, or horrer movies. Aggressive cartoon charecters and macho heros from films also confuse children. Besides they are constantly cautioned against sex rackets, drug peddlers, and other anti-social elements. The bigest boon in this generation are mobile phones and the internet. However, the fact that, cyber crimes are steadly increasing, is a proof that, it has a down side as well. Alarmingly, most of the hackers on the internet are young adults.

To sum up,violence has assumed...
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