Special Education

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Theories of Education

Alicia Blanton

Foundation of Education

Alcorn State University

Theories of Education

Dean, (2012). Theory can be detained in two ways first a theory is a hypothesis or set of Hypothesis that has been verified for observation or experiment. Second a theory is a general synonym for systematic thinking or a set of coherent thoughts. Perennials eternal or perennial truths permanence order certainty, rationality and logic constitute philosophies of idealism; realism & neo Thomism are embedded in the perennials theory of education. The educational focus of perennials is on the need to return to the past namely to universal truths. Perennials have been associated with the teaching at neo Thomism. Idealism the practice of forming Ideas of living under the influence.

Walters, (2005). The author stated that the eminent thinker of the progressive movement was the dominant figure in American education. Dewey’s most valuable and enduring contribution to our culture came from the ideas and methods he fathered in this field.

Dewey won a greater international following for his educational reforms than for his instrumentalist philosophy. Between the two World Wars. Dewey’s work consummated the trends in education below the university level initiated by pioneer pedagogues animated by the impulses of the bourgeois-democratic revolution. This was especially clear in his views on child education which built on ideas first brought forward by Rousseau, Pestalozzi and Froebel in Western Europe and by kindred reformers in the United States. The movement to reform child education must be viewed in this historical context. Children as such are not usually included among the oppressed. Yet they necessarily compose one of the weakest, most dependent and defenseless section of the population. Each generation of children is not only helped but hindered and hurt by the elders who...
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